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Originally posted by Lime-Light
I though we were done wih the patch-bashing, after everyone realized its actually more fun......
Y'know, I never had much of a problem with the patch. Mainly because I haven't played this game at all during it's pre-patched eras. And I kinda installed the update when I was trying to get the damn thing to run on this comp, so my game has *never* been opened running a pre-patched version. But coming from a guy who started out on the patch, I can't see what all the bitching and moaning is about. This game is fun. Sure, there's a bit of saber-spamming with certain moves (*cough*heavywhores*cough*backstab*cough*DFA*cough *hack*). But I've already found counters for most of the moves being bitched, and I'm confident that in time I'll know a few good counters for ALL the damned spams. I have no problem with the game whatsoever.

But, enough of that. Focusing at the topic at hand, I'll have to agree. I can't play my other shooters anymore either lol. My first instincts are always things like "yeah...just wait till I bitch this guy with my saber! ...oh, damn..."
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