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You can't really call it bait and switch when they aren't making much of a profit from it. I think it is sad that people are taking their anger out on the name of the makers of the game. They are only trying to make people happy. They can't magically find a way to make the game appeal to everyone. Most game mods go through many betas and change many things, this is or should be no different. I don't like the current backstab either but it doesn't mean that I think everyone at raven is stupid or that they are trying to rip me off. I think they've come very far. They certainly have raised the bar for games in my eyes. I've never played a FPS that had so much action on so many different levels while maintaining a strong story (not the best in the JK series but better than quake or doom). I just think that people who play the game just want to get ahead through any means. I even find myself backstabbing and trying to knock people over, just so I can try and get a couple kills in my constant streak of deaths.
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