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Question Cheating in Multi-Player????

Say it ain't so!

I have encountered several different players on some servers lately, that just plain outclass everyone else. There will be 12 people on the server, and the majority of them have like 6,5,4 kills, and then this one guy will have 20, and end the map.

I stopped, and watched for a while, and he NEVER died. The one I am talking about is Soul Warrior. I asked him about it, and he wouldn't answer me.

I dueled him several times, and he would pull me over to him fully healthy, with over 50 shield, and with one slice of the sabre kill me. BS if you ask me. It wasn't set on the slow, heavy setting either.

So, I started following him around some, and I noticed he grabbed the bolt rifle, and used the alternate fire. You should have seen the speed at which it fired. You could definitely tell he had hacked it somehow to increase his hit frequency or something.

Anybody else see this before, know what I am talking about? All it is doing is ruining the public servers, to have these guys running around like that.
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