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Question MP Dismemberment...does it exist or am I just retarded?

Yes...i am posting ANOTHER newbie thread

Please be gentle

OK...ive read other the antiass fighter server thread thing and saw that he said 'all you need to do is type in \cg_dismember 2 and your good to go'

I only play against bots and hook 2 computers up together so me and my bro can 'mack out' against them and i've typed in the cg_dismember 2...cg_dismember 100 commands and neither of them worked...

is there something i need to do?
I've gotten the SP version to work...but it isnt the same command......

Is it possible to get dismember in MP...or is it like the sasquatch...i tall tale...well maybe not like the know?.....

All i want to know is:

Can it be done
How can it be done


newbie time has finished

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