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I was the one that referred to hacking the game. I was referring to Nathans line of thought. Under his idea of fair play, it was ok to hack the game and use that to gain kills, as the only thing that mattered was the bottom line, which is number of kills gained.

My statement...
I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say here... game hacks are availible to everyone. So are AK-47s and nuclear weapons. That doesnt make them right, does it? (well, ok, nukes are allright... )
His response...
If hacking the game is the factor in winning, then hacking becomes a skill and whoever can hack the game the best wins.

And Kun, I try to follow the sabre code, but only when my opponent does. I'll do the bowing thing if they do, but I know there are douche bags out there who will exploit other players beliefs.

Nobody HAS to use the sabre code, do it if you want to. But dont scream when someone else doesnt, its purely a personal preference.

Always bow with your sabre up.

It's a game of skill, it's about skill, and winning the game.
Totally agree. But notice there the word skill. Is killing someone with their sabre down and a big blue bubble over their head skill? I mean, did you have to practice that? Did you spend time perfecting that technique? Yeah, sure, about as much as the l33t backstab. Anybody who thinks that type kills are skillful is fooling themselves. (and I'm not accusing you, Spider.)

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