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Good for you

No, really I mean that

I was just expressing my opinion that I think it's uncool to kick someone just because their style of play conflicts with yours. No need to justify yourself to me--you've made your choice

I don't even know how differently I would behave if I were in your shoes...I just happen to see that behavior as wrong, and I think it fosters a poor kind of server...

Oh, keep in mind that people would have a hard time complaining if they got kicked

Also, I would say that you do have a moral obligation to explain yourself to people as to why you run the server you do. Running the server is a form of power, and justifying yourself is a way of ensuring that your actions are right. It's something I would do if I was in the position of power, just because you pay for it doesn't take away from the responsability it leaves you with, and it doesn't take away the possibilty that your actions could be amoral. I don't mean to say you have to do anything, I mean to debate to morality of your actions.

Anyway, I probably shouldn't get into this particular argument here, if you're interested in continuing the debate, I'd be happy to via PM's

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy your server I also hope you run it well.

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