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Googly ignore these idiots. the ones who flamed you for doing what is well within your natural admin given rights, are simply fools.

i am sickened by the response this thread has gooten poor googly. How F'ing dare you critiscize him for having a good time on his OWN server? you get all bent out of shape when we criticize you for spamming, then say it's your playing style, and thus it's ok. so STFU... hypocrits.

I've played with googly, and he is a fun person to play with. i knew exactly what he meant by the rules of his server.

to everyone else, if you join a server that says play fair and don't spam or somethig to that effect and you spam, and generally act disruptive, don't bitch about it in the morning.

jesus christ... googly I can't say much more than this on your behalf... honestly I am astounded by the parade of idiocy that befell your innocent thread.

I am begginging to wonder if the only people posting on this forum are trolls these days...

My suggestion? Delete this thread... when your thread gets hijacked like this it's like an infection in your arm... sometimes you gotta lose the arm to save the body...

Personaly I am going to be looking for your server to play on again soon... I miss playing with cool peeps... your welcome on my server anytime you wish as well


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