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its sad how skilless the people using this are however. i got myself very good at the push/backstab move after reading artifex's original guides to the 1.03 patch. i was a shameless knockdown/slasher, but once people started to become adverse to it, i stopped, and began to integrate it into standing fighting and introduce other moves into my repetoir (spelling?).

i saw a guy using a script like this the other day. he was so horrifically bad at the game however, that he was doing it with very low accuracy. but, it's the principle of the thing, so i switched to a shameless pull/slash killing spree (only on him and the poor other player who was using the same model & saber colour as him), and still managed to take him down without him touching me once.

i think there's only something to fear when the good players begin using scripts like this, but most of the good players are also above to lameness, so i wouldnt predict that this script will become too much of a problem ...
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