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Re: Stuck at level 15: The Infernal Machine

Originally posted by qinx

This one has me stumped. I just arrived at chapter 15. I walk passed the gold slab, gently removed by the CIA, and I walk on, to the elevator shaft. I climb down the ladders to the bottom, and that's it. Nowhere to go but back.

Now I know I need to go through the hole acros from the ladder, but I can't. I need to jump to it, but no matter how much I jump, Indy won't grep the ledge. I search all of the path, but there's nothing left to do.

I even got as desparate as to download a walkthrough, but there is no mention of this problem (or how to deal with it!) in it. That got me thinking it might be a technical issue. Anybody know something?
I have the exact same problem - I am SO SICK OF INDY at the moment. He can stick his Infernal Machine where the sun don't shine!!
nd, I downloaded your Savegame of the start [Level 15] and so far I have got Nubs & Azerims parts. (I keep waiting for something else to go wrong!!)
I can't get the lift open either, so I think I am about to become an EX Indy Fan.
I too have Mailed LucasArts - waiting for a reply.
Playing someone elses Savegame just isn't the same, no disrespect to yours nd, but I can't see how long I've spent on each chapter {Indy Quotent}. I seem to have a difficulty penalty of 20 (for every chapter) whereas your savegame has none. I definitely didn't get all 10 treasures in each level!!!.
Anyway, I'll give Indy one last try tonight, otherwise, I think he will be packed in the cupboard with Rugby 2000, Riven and SimCity.
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