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Actually, the BS move had it's damage ramped up significantly for the blue stance (and AFAIK, ONLY the blue stance). The other two simply "hit" at several points in the animation, thereby doing a bucket of damage.

I can live with people running around backwards like headless chickens. I just laugh, because it's FUNNY. Eventually they may learn, but I care not, because I know how to avoid/deal with them (even if I'm not 100% successful).

The ones that REALLY get on my wick are the pull/backstabbers. It's annoying to have someone constantly pulling you till you fal flat, then they BS you. (before you start jumping on me, I know all the counters, but it doesn't stop it being annoying). If the animation/move was altered so it could no longer hit people lying down and or getting up, then half the problem would vanish.

Reducing the damage won't make the problem go away - it's just mean they have to do it more often, which isn't any better at all.
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