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So the Sith use different crystals, eh? Interesting, I did not know that. It makes sense. I know that the crystals that are found in the Jedi lightsabers are mined on a certain planet in the Republic. I cannot imagine the Sith and the Jedi getting their crystals from the same location. You would have something like this. . .

Obi Wan : ". . .Hey Darth, how's it hangin'?. . ."

Maul : ". . .Damned Lord Sidious busting my balls as usual, what brings you here?"

Obi Wan : "With my Padawan, getting some crystals for his lightsaber, told him to get me some as well."

Maul : "Jeez, you guys have the life. Have your apprentices do all the dirtywork. Too bad us Sith Lords can't have apprentices, until one of us dies."

Obi Wan : "C'mon Darth, you know the rules, no more than two. a master and an-"

Maul : "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. An apprentice! Damned Darth Bane. And what the hell kind of name is Darth anyway? I tell you Obi, sometimes I want to defect to the light side."

Obi Wan : "Hey, come on over."

Maul : "Nah, you guys don't have those cool double ended sabers. I put a lot of work into building mine, I would hate to lose it. Hey! here comes your Padawan!"

Obi wan(sighs) : "Finally. Took him long enough. Well, I'm outta here. Guess you'll be going in after your crystals now, Darth?"

Maul (curses under his breath) : "Yeah, the damned red ones are alll the way in the back, of course!"

Obi Wan : "Those are the breaks. Hey, take care, guy."

Maul : "You too, Obi. See you next week on Naboo. Bring your lightsaber."

Obi Wan : "Will do."

Now, since that exchange is not very plausible, are the Sith crystals on the Sith world of Korriban or somewhere else?
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