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Ok Googly, I don't mean to say that you can't do what you want...I just want to challenge you, make sure you think you're doing the right thing. It's just in my nature. I don't remember if I said or not, but if I had my own server, I would probably wind up running it the way you run yours...

Dem...I wouldn't say that very many people who responded to Googly were simply fools Angry, probably annoyed with getting kicked off of servers just for playing as they want, but not simply fools.

you get all bent out of shape when we criticize you for spamming, then say it's your playing style, and thus it's ok. so STFU... hypocrits.
I don't think a player has the same power that an administrator has. An admin has control over other people's game, another player does not. Therefore I consider an admin to have more of an obligation to his players.

I was, admitedly, oversimplifying. As I said, I don't like spammers, and I'm not one myself, I think they do degrade gameplay. I just don't want him to degenerate into one of those people that kicks anyone who doesn't play exactly the way he likes. I know he isn't curently, but...well anyway, asking me to STFU is like asking the tide to not come in, you can ask all you want but it isn't gonna happen

Seriously, you guys could ban me and I'd still be sitting her talking to me self about it, mumbling about what pricks you are...I spam in real life too

Anyway, I'm glad you're running a good server, I just hope it stays that way

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