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I hope this isn't a thread for your SW: Galaxies character, because I don't have one ,because I'm posting the bio for the chara I have in the RPG A New Beginning...

Oh, and @ Wraithy: Hey, the Duel of the Duals RPG isn't even finished yet

Name: Sharm
Gender: Male
Species: Gargoyle
Homeworld: Terra
Age: 32
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Appearance: Sharm is approximately seven feet tall. His skin is pale blue, and his hair is brown with a tint of rust. He has a normal gargoyle body, which includes powerful limbs, talon-like claws on four-fingered-and-toed hands and feet. His eyes are blue but glow white when angry. He has a distinctive Z-shaped scar on his left cheek. His ears are pointed and larger than a human's, and his bony brows are spiked and enlarged. Like all gargoyles, he possesses two vaguely bat-like hooked wings with only one strut each. He uses these to glide (not fly; gargoyles are incapable of powered flight) He also has a powerful tail, used for balance.
Sharm's customary outfit includes armor on his upper body and arms. The armor is primarily gray, with an underlying layer of red. He wears a belt and pants that only reach to his knees, capped off by kneecap protectors. The rest of his legs are bared, except for armor plates covering the tops of his feet, which are vaguely dinosaurian with blunt, skin-covered claws at the ends. (Note: If you've seen the television show Gargoyles, you'll understand the looks of the species I'm talking about...)
Bio: Sharm was born on the backwater planet of Terra. His parents died when he was young, and his only family was one sister. He became a bounty hunter when he discovered his proficieny for modern weapons and his innate ability to hunt...and the amounts of money one could gain in the profession, with a whole galaxy newly opened up to Terra. His personal favorite weapon is a modified two-barrel laser rifle which doubles as an effective sniper rifle. He also utilizes small arms, Terran projectile guns, nets, grappling hooks, and other tools to great effect.
Like all gargoyles, Sharm is weaker and doesn't see as well during the day compared to at night. He absorbs solar energy to power his body's massive energy needs. Alternatively, he can just eat ALOT. In space, he carries energy pills with him.

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