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And now for my other two charas...

Name: Ma'Real
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Homeworld: Secret
Age: 26
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Appearance: Ma'Real is about six feet tall. She has light skin, black shoulder-length hair. She wears a black blaster-absorbant outfit with the lower right of her shirt colored deep red as a clan symbol.
Bio: Ma'Real belongs to the Carver bounty hunter clan by virtue of birth. She keeps her homeworld a secret for personal reasons. Her favorite weapon is a long extendable pole that projects varying amounts of outward force upon touch. She calls this weapon a "force pike" even though it technically isn't. She also favors medium blasters. She doesn't like full-blown rifles due to their awkwardness to carry.

Name: C-Drive
Gender: Male
Species: Human Cyborg
Homeworld: Secret
Age: 28
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Appearance: C-Drive is slightly over six feet tall. His upper body and the right side of his face is covered in steel-colored metal. The rest of his body is also sheathed in metal, but it is covered in clothing. The only skin he shows is that of the left side of his face. His hair is brown. Fashion-sense-wise, he favors blue and gray.
Bio: C-Drive is an old friend of Ma'Real's, and they often work together as a team. He hails from the same world as her, and they have known each other since childhood. C-Drive favors blaster weaponry, including his two heavy blasters that he uses in tandem, and is never without. He is an expert on holo- and cloaking technology, and has many such implements built into his body. He specializes in tranquilizers, drugs, and underhand methods of capturing his prey (although not opposed to the idea of more in-your-face tactics at times).

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