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Thank you for that explanation. I have actually seen it before, but I had forgotten it. It does make a lot of sense, but I would have liked to see at least a little of that explained in the film. Even if it was nothing more than a "Go my tool, destroy the Jedi as they destroyed us. It is what I created you for..." line. On the whole, I would have liked more character for him regardless. I like my enemies to have personality.

As for Sidious, I was under the impression that Lucas someone had stated CATEGORICALLY that Sidous was NOT Palapatine. This does not preclude a form of personality transfer, or even Sidious dying and leaving knowledge behind for Palpatine to find (note that Anakin respects very few politicians, and treats Palaptine as the wisest and kindest of all - he RESPECTS him. It makes sense that he may follow him if they both turn to the dark side). Bear in mind though, this is only a theory.

My reason for the "Mr. Kal" bit was actually because I forgot your full nick. Sorry about that.
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