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even with all your quotes, my point stands.

by including hacks ak's and whatever, into the game, you are changing the rules. You are creating a new rule set. under that rule set, a set which includs hacking, then hacking becomes a skill.

but in reality, the game does not include hacking. hacking is most certinly not available to everyone. the fact the you would liken it to afk killing, which IS in the game, is redicilous.

seriously, think about it in terms of ffa and not duel. you are competing for first with someone. you are tied. he kills afk player and you dont. that becomes the determining factor and he WINS. the fact that those same kills were available to you make all the difference. those kills, and the win, could have been yours. but he had the skill to take them.

is this so hard to understand?

and in no way did my line of reasoning imply that i was for the hacking of games.

but if playing dirty is what it takes to win, whoever can get dirtiest wins. getting dirty is then a skill.

anyone who cannot see this is living in a fantasy land
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