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i play ffa ff. i play dark and light. i use sabers and guns. i have a very good, in depth understanding of this game and its balance.

that was the reason for absorb. not to cripple the dark arsenol, but to work as a device to descourage them from using lightning, drain, and grip.

by ammo depletion, i was being unclear. how about, "increasing the ammo depletion rate?" make more sense? and yes, it was a mistake.

an invisible absorb only helps gunners far more than you realize. it becomes a game of keeping distance from one another as there becomes no viable counter for guns and not an even playing field.

yes i play dark. i play dark and i use lightning and grip and guns and sabers. i used to play light, but it was too easy and most average players couldnt begin to counter anything i did.

why do i get the feeling that you only play with sabers, bitched about dfa, force and guns, and have no real idea what your talking about in terms of balance outside of a 1v1 duel match?

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