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Well the mr. makes it sound hostile heh.

Anyway, yeah that is the point with many people who didn't like Ep1. They focused on more what they wanted and didn't get, and didn't actually bother to see what was behind it. I mean seriously, I HATED the kid, he was the crappiest actor I have ever seen, and I was ruding throught the whole movie (when I first saw it) that he gets some part of his body choped off, because that would make me happy, and I was hoping that Jar-Jar would either strange himself with his ****ing ears, or choke on that long mother****ing tongue. However as we later see Jar-Jar needed to be the way he was because he set the war in motion. Well actually Amidala set it in motion when she declared a vote of no confidence in Valorum (that made Palapatine as a senator), but Jar-Jar just made the second act. Lucas needed to make him stupid so that he would approve the use of the immediate act of power for Palapatine.

About Palapatine not being Sidious, well we can obviously see from that Sidious and Palapatine are played by the same actor. However for the story, it might turn out that Sidious had himself cloned, and the clone = Palapatine. That is far-fetched but it is a possibility. Just as I think that Sidious=Sifa Dyas. But of course we will see all that in Ep3. And of course it is obvious why Anakin will turn...but we will see all that in Ep3

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