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why do i get the feeling that you only play with sabers, bitched about dfa, force and guns, and have no real idea what your talking about in terms of balance outside of a 1v1 duel match?
I'm sorry, but I have to laugh at that. If you care to look over some of the old pre-patch posts you'll see I was in fact a strong proponenet of the DFA, on the grounds that it was so laughably easy to dodge (Though I concur that the hitbox was a problem) Granted I did complain about Drain being overpowered, but that was my only real objection to any of the force powers. I now think that drain is UNDER powered, as are most of the dark side powers (this despite playing light side almost exclusively). The only game types I DON'T play on are Jedi Master and Holocron FFA types, mostly because finding a server with a decent ping of those types is surprisingly hard. I do play duel, I also duel in ffa game, but exclusively? No.
I *do* prefer saber only games, but I like the saber combat aspect of JK2, if I wanted to play Q3, I would have (ew). As a result, I tend to stick to saber only servers. Problem?

Under the circumstances you described, Absorb does indeed seem too powerful. the fact I had not encountered it is only because I, as stated before, tend towards saber only servers (but not exclusively)
Thank you for clarifying the thing about ammo depletion. It was certainly unclear the first time. From the experience I've had, ammo depletion rates don't seem to be a problem, but feel free to ignore this, since I PATENTLY don't know what I'm talking about :>

Nathan, I was not trying to insult you, but clearly I have, that was not my intention and I apologise. I should really flame you in response your undeserved attack, but I think the fact that you have so clearly stuck your foot in your mouth will instead satisfy my indignation.
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