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Dude, thats not a fair comparison. The rules would send that fellow off for playing dangerously. A better analogy would be if a person joins in and only bicycle kicks. Its easy enough to get around this--keep the ball on the ground. Same with DFA/backstabbers--MOVE OUT OF THE WAY AND ATTACK FROM A DIFFERENT AREA WHEN THEY ARE OPEN (as they always are). Absorb the pulls fer crying out loud!

What annoys me about the game is this INCESSANT B!TCHING. Games will always have exploits, and folks who will use them, and folks who will abuse them. Get the skills to deal with the abusers, and learn to use the exploits appropriately. The THING is, the backstab is not an exploit--the lack of blocking is an error. So, until it is fixed (if it is fixed) STEP OUT OF THE WAY. And if folks spamming single moves REALLY p1sses you off this much, form a clan, set up a private server, and remove yourself from the public servers.

As for NF servers, there may be highly skilled players there, but this is Star Wars, not sword fighting. I want the force.

*leaves the forums annoyed yet again*

Take me away!!!
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