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How can you even distinguish newbs? The game's been out like two frigging months.

I'll always help on a server. I'll also ask if I don't know something, and folks always respond. I think this community is actually pretty good--just ignore the kiddies. FFA is a trial by fire, and you have to take your lumps at some point to get better. Folks who gang up on newbs (or even mention them) prolly are newbs themselves with inferiority complexes...

Killed while typing? I agree its lame, but really, is it anything to get worked up about? I figure I take my chances if I want to say anything protracted. How about this--if you anticipate chatting for a while, go into spectator mode. (Or better, IRC is this really cool thing that is dedicated to chats...) Moreover, bind a few keys to "nice shot" or "Thanks" and you can get in your pleasantries without opening yourself up to frags.

Take me away!!!
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