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but he had the skill to take them.
WHAT? He had the skill to kill that AFK player? I dont think you see MY point. Killing the afk player DID NOT TAKE SKILL. In no way whatsoever was that skill.

Look at it this way: When you look at the final scoreboard, and you're just one or two kills over the 2nd place, placing you in first, you think back in the fight. Hey, you typekilled someone twice. Now can you look at that scoreboard with the same degree of satisfaction as if you had made those two kills with skill?

If so, well, I wish I could see the world in black and white like you do. But its not that easy.

And I know that afks dont always result in that sort of situation, but even then, its just a stupid way to kill someone.

And I never said I supported the whole bowing thing. I do it if the opponent does, but am always careful of them to jump me. I do get annoyed if you both turn your sabres off, you challenge, and he jumps you.

And the hacking thing was in response to Nathans idea of "If it gets kills, nothing else matters."

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