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Thank you. I don't usually TRY and insult people (just happens sometimes...)

I think that both versions have their strong points. I liked the way a lot of the force powers used to work, and I like the new, imporved saber blocking (now I now how to fight with it).

The old DFA was powerful, but easily dodgeable, despite the odd bug with the hitbox. I'm fine with the current version, but I'd like to be able to aim up and down with it (the number of times I land on peoples HEADS without dealing damage...for crying out loud :> ) The new backstabs are also ok, but they could do with not hitting those on the ground (prevent the pull/BS from being a problem). Heal needs to decide which it'll have: increased costs for 1.02 healing levels, or decreased healing for 1.02 costs. atm it's nigh on useless unless at level 3 (and it's poo even then). Absorb could do with having it's cost raised to somewhere between 1.02 and 1.03, but overall I think it should remain invisible. Protect should also become invisible, and desperately needs bumping up in usefulness.
Grip needs to do more damage, possibly slow movement of victim a little. Drain needs it's cost lowering, but in 1.02 it was too fast (drain you to empty before you could react). If the rate of force drain was lowered (so the cost was the same to empty someone, but took longer to do it).

I think I've posted these thoughts elsewhere before, but I don't expect everyone to like them :> Constructive criticism please? (It's all academic anyway, but nice to see what people think of them)
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