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It's helpful, since the search feature is disabled, if you post questions in their own thread with a suitable title so that others with the same question can more readily find it. I'll answer your questions here out of the kindness of my heart.

okay now next question is how bad do downloads tax the server? I also host UT servers and I know that it pretty much kills it unless you redirect to a different box. In other words should i leave it off? I have a 25 player max set and the network lights are solid when the server is full.
Well, unlike UT, a JK2 server cannot redirect downloads. However, downloads don't tax the server because the download speed is limited to the sv_maxrate. So, the player downloading a map uses no more bandwidth than a player who is playing. The downside is that it can take FOREVER to download a map this way--especially if the server has a maxrate around 5000-6000. Remember that a maxrate of 5000 is designed to accomodate a 56k user.

I'm attempting a Duel/lightsaber-only server, but it always loads up with all the weapons. I've put in the line:

seta g_weaponDisable "65531"

but it still screws up and loads all the weapons/allows them all.

It even says "saber only" when you attempt to connect, just says it.
You need to also use the following in your config:

seta g_duelWeaponDisable "65531"

There's 2 cvars for disabling weapons, one for duels and one for all other times.

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