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vestril, did you reply to another thread than you meant to?
Here, I'll lay out the sequence of events by quoting the to posts that were right above mine...maybe it will make more sense then...

if you bow over and over very rapidly while crouching right in front of a guy, it's not so much a show of respect so much as it looks like you are sucking his dick.


PS - I loved this post. Good work.

PPS - I refuse to respond to anyone who points out the lack of maturity of this post. I know that it was immature, let's leave it alone.
That is funny but so wroooooong. You know a lot of sick people are gonna try that now (NOT ME THOUGH)
And Finally:
Oh they already were, another one is if you crouch and face away, and they stand right behind you and look up and down rapidly...hopefully you get the picture so I don't have to explain more...

Vestril was here!!!!!!!!!
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