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Originally posted by Chastan
Yeah, but be sure to make them hard to do or at least give us some time to counter them or avoid them. You know, so they can be skillfully avoided somehow =)


And please don't call people "faggots" I don't think that's very appropriate, it certainly doesn't raise my opinion of you.

(well it's not like i've been much better in the past, oh well )
I think that the one hit kills, as they are now, are either too weak (DFA) or perfectly fine. In NF Dueling they are about as succesful as any tactic, which suggests that they are balanced within the construct of saber fighting.

Unfortunately there is the big pull/backstab spamming going on, and this leaves backstab seeming overpowered. I'm not sure how I would fix it though, since I think Lightsaber combat itself is balanced, it's really pull that's overpowered.

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