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Originally posted by Darth Enzo
you're gay dannyalltheway or whatever, HAHA look at me, I'm bantha fodder and I still made fun of you, come back when ur sac has dropped
I tried to stop so that this could become a legit post again, but I just have to say something when someone tells me that I'm gay. This guy clearly doesn't understand. I try to help people who are "Bantha Fodder" out. POST NUMBER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING. It means absolutely nothing in my mind. I don't care if you are Bantha Fodder or not. There are people out there who have a lot of skills and are Bantha Fodder. Also, there are plenty of people who have a lot of posts and act n00bish. The @#$%in kid was making fun. I called him Bantha *&^#in Fodder cuz he started to make fun and was being a real jerk cuz he was sarcastic. That guy deserved it. Look at this post.

I try to help people out and make them feel welcome. Do any of YOU take the time to welcome a new member?????????? !@#$ NO! You're going to hold that one comment that I made to the kid who was being a jerk against me??? BTW, the people who responded to FEAR_IS_MY_ALLY's post are the real "l337" people.
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