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Danny it's nice that you're trying to be a good person, it really is Just try to do it consistently, and try to ignore the people that call you gay--they're just idiots

Well, I already posted the suggesting to fix the freezing. I've tried even more, nothing. Upgrading to DX9 still doesn't work.

Another thing, what you guys are arguing about doesn't even have any relevancy to the actual thread. Where I come from, that's called "THREAD CRAPPING" and it's a bannable offense, but that's not this forum.
Umm...your post didn't have anything to do with the original topic. It was a complaint about something, and this guy was asking for expansion ideas, things to make the game more fun, not bug fixes...

That would make your post OT, which suggests that you should be banned, in your little world. Actually your post about people getting banned for going off topic in threads was off topic, so really that whole statement was inherently hypocritical. Sometimes threads go off onto different topics. C'est la vie.

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