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*The Star Destroyer fell out of Hyperspace, only to be greeted by a horde of New Republic ships. The battle started, and 3 new Star Destroyers hypered in. Cracken always prepared. Fighters launched from the belly of the beasts, and started attacking the fighter screens. The superior TIE Defenders started to elimenate the Republic flight groups, while the Star Destroyers fired salvo after salvo of turbolasters and missiles into the Republic ships, all the while taking return fire.*

*Cracken is at the end of the hall, Flax at the other end*

What you don't realize, i have FOUND this superweapon, and it's already under my control.
*He ignights his lightfoil, and salutes Flax*
May the Force be with you....
*He dashes toward Flax, The Duel is on!!*

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