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Some of these may have been mentioned.

No one hit kills, it will get spammed. Finishers should take 25% of you life away when at full health. That means you fought them and took the other 75% by actually fighting. (not walking backwards)

Give every move a counter, this will balance the game. I'm speaking about the force and sabers.

Default auto saber blocking off in the next patch. I hate seeing people block swings from behind that they never even saw coming. If the admin wants it he has the option. Make the auto saber blocking variable a rule so we can screen for it on and off with the All Seeing Eye server browser! I want to know if the server has it off before I join.

Allow us a way to make models of all heighths. Give us something to build on with animations. We have made wookies and Yoda. We will make jawas and ewoks too, but we need a better way to bring them in the game other than scaling them up like you guys did to the Augnaught(sp?).

Allow us to manually block a thrown saber! Possibly even give us a 45% chance to strike it to the ground with our sabers so they have to retrieve it or use force pull to get it back!

Continue to support this game or release the MP SDK so we can support it ourselves! Don't be another Valve.....
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