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This is quite hilarious...I have no idea what you meant when you said you caught me there..quoting me when I said nice one Vert...but..whatever, back to my other post..

I did not say anyones name during my post, if you took offence to it, it's your own fault that you think it was directed towards yourself. And you say you were protecting 'n00bs'..but it seems from your post in that thread:

"OK... Simmer down. One-Hit Wonders are lame. It shows that you have no skill whatsoever. What saber style do you use in single player? That's right buddy. Medium is for the people with skills. In all seriousness, One hit moves are for n00bs. I'm not kidding you. "

looks as though you are protecting your self rather than 'n00bs'. Please clear this up for me all mighty protector, as I do not see you protecting anyone..instead I see you trying to attack me, because you feel threatened by my post personally. Please get your facts straight. Oh, and I never said the word n00b at all in that beginning decided to brand that type of action to n00bs. I never said that, nor did I imply it was a n00b doing it, it could be a well experienced player just complaining.

Obviously you do not look through your OWN answer enough to see that your arguements in THIS thread COMPLETELY do not make sense with how you answered my post back there. Please, clear this up oh protector of all n00bs.
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