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Cool Guy New Patch suggestions

It took forever to get used to the current patch-- some things were done right, some done poorly **cough**DFA nerfing**cough** many complain about the pull+legsweep/backstab.

I would not like to start a flame war/horrible spamming incident so i will be brief

The following are suggestions for the future patch.

1. Take away the speed loss with strong style

2. Decrease the damage done by the light and medium style legsweep/backstab (why you ask? well it is unfair in most instances that light style should have an almost instant death move and medium already has one, the downward attack thing, strong style should be the only one to kill instantly with the leg sweep)

3. Make drain and absorb take the same amount of force so that light and dark are more balanced (i'm not looking for an extreme just a happy medium)

4. Decrease speed when using large or hard to carry weapons (someone shouldn't be able to run at 20 mph while carrying a 100 pound rocket launcher)

5. Give more directional control while wall walking (nothing wrong with the original system, it would just be cool)

6. Return the damage ratios for light/medium to the original (make it worthwhile to use medium instead of light)
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