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Speaking as someone who never kills people who are typing (unless, as MANY people do, they fight me, get their health down to 10 points, run away towards the health packs and start typing as a shield) I can honestly say that typing long sentences in the middle of free for alls is STUPID. It's asking for death. When I type something in a free for all, I am PREPARED to die, because I'm INVITING it. If some dishonourable person kills me while I'm typing, I do NOT blame them, because I ELECTED to type. If someone kills me while I'm typing, it's MY fault, not theirs.

I don't kill people who are typing because it's cheap. Likewise I try to vary my sabre strikes from the perrennially useful backswing, and I try to use a wide range of weapons instead of just one...

But I do NOT expect, nor do I ask, nor do I attempt to force people to use MY personal code of honour. This is a game, and the wonderful thing about it (more so pre-patch) is the variety of styles of play.

Frankly, the people who kill other people while they're standing in a corner typing tend to have less skill than those who know they can win without resorting to such measures. But that's not always the case. Type-killing may be cheap, but it, and move-spamming are NOT hacking, they are not "evil"or satanic or all the other things some people call them. Believe it or not, there will ALWAYS be type-killers and move-spammers.

The problem with this version of JO is that move spamming in the form of pull/backswing combo, is the quickest, easiest and therefore the best way to win. DFA spamming was never that powerful. Imbalance imbalance imbalance.

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