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Bunker ZERO duel map released!

Hello, all. I've just completed my second Jedi Knight 2 map called Bunker ZERO. I'm quite proud of this second effort because it's way more complex and pleasing to the eye than Bespin Void.

You can get it here at or


Brief Snippet:
Designed for "epic saber battles", this map is an abandoned, but still functioning, Imperial Bunker on the surface of Yavin. It comes with "Imperial March" Music and Bot Support. There are 2 main arenas. The first is inside the bunker itself (this is where you spawn). The second is high on top of the bunker at the landing pad.

Have fun,... Jedi.

P.S. If you're interested, here's my past work, Bespin Void 1.1:

Map(s) I've made:

Bespin Void 1.1 -

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