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I know what you mean by banging your head on the wall in frustration after being stuck for a time, I was banging my head for 3 years. I must have stopped playing the game like 5 times during those 3 years and I started all over again once. I just couldn't unstuck myself! Worse thing is that I new what I had to do but didn't know how to achieve it, it was so frustrating...
Eventually I finally found the answer and finished the game like 3 or 4 days later. Took me 4 years to finish the game and the game's story lasts 4 years, at least I respected the timing

The Game was indeed great and very cool, my favourite parts where those "One year later" scenes, Manny must have been a very succesful business man when he was alive, he goes from coal to gold everytime...

Game ending music was also cool and I immediatly got it from the game data and turned into mp3 format (same thing for a couple of other cool game music), I also retrieved Salvador Limones's description of being sprouted and his "Viva la Revoluccion!" is said everytime I exit windows

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