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thank you massive,

you are the first person to propose decent changes. i agree with the toning down of the light and medium stance backstabs. i noticed u didnt mention the red stance tho, im assuming u think it should stay the same. i agree.

the heavy stance backstab is a 1hit killer, and rightfully so. the game needs at least 1hit kill lightsaber move, otherwise whats the reward for using it versus a gunner? it takes balls of steel to run up on someone with a heavy repeater and pull the weapon outta their hand and backstab em.

the only thing i wish would be changed is the ability to rotate while doing it. with backstab im able to kill the person directly behind me, then rotate fast and kill the person in front of me too. it shouldnt be like that.

youre also right about the absorb problem. i LOVE it when dark jedi grip me now. thanks for giving me over half of my force back! i think thats way too much.

another thing id like to see to balance out the darkside is not being able to tell if a dark jedi is using dark rage until youve attacked them (like they did with absorb). if someone is dark raging, its impossible to kill them (unless u push em off a cliff), so why attack them? usually when i see someone dark raging, i simply avoid them till it wears off then kill them. dark jedis know what im talkin about!
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