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Its amusing how you guys whine about "script kiddies" yet profess to know nothing about the capabilities of scripting.
So I'll take a moment or two to enlighten a few of you less illiterate whiners:

Scripts are configuration files in your base directory (the ones with a .cfg extension) that contain aliases in them. These aliases are in actuality chains of commands, in general, the commands that you would use for finishers would be attack, jump, left/right (in order to turn), and turning speed. In order to time the moves correctly, you need to use wait commands, otherwise everything you had listed in your alias goes off at once. The problem is that these wait commands do not simply pause the script, they pause every single input you put in. That means if you had a script that DFAed for you, you would be stuck moving in the direction you were moving when you activated the script since the wait commands would prevent you from inputting new directions. Thus, the best written scripts for timed commands are generally inferior to similar actions done by even a mediocre player. If you are getting "owned" by these scripts then its either because you are sub-mediocre, or because the other player is, in fact, not actually using scripts.

Thus, all the "difficult moves" (are there any in JK2?) generally can't be effectively scripted. Combos require timing, a non-suicidal DFA requires timing and maneuvering, etc. These you can't do effectively with scripts due to the necessity of wait commands.

This thread is just another example of the "I think that I am an experienced player and everyone that beats me is either a) a loser who plays all day, b) a cheater, or c) has an unfair computer/latency/other advantage" mentality.
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