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you hate absorb? youre obviously a dark jedi.
youre biased opinion has been noted tho.

the absorb change was a good one, in 1.02 light jedi would use absorb, everyone could see this so no one would use force powers on them till it wore off. hence a total waste of force power on the absorb user's end.

in 1.03 its a bit more subtle. if u push someone and they glow purple, obviously theyve got absorb on and u wont push them again (if youre smart and dont wanna waste your force).

as i mentioned above for dark jedi, i wish theyd do the same thing for dark rage. if someone is raging you obviously cant kill them. so why try? instead make it so the dark jedi glows red if attacked. cuz as it stands now, i just wait for rage to wear off then go in for the easy kill.
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