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Took me also 4 years to finish FF VI. First problem was encountered when I stopped playing for a while and when I wanted to continue I had completly forgotten the story and all the situation I was in, I didn't know where I had to go and what I had to do so I restarted. Then, I think it was after ZoZo, I had to create a group and instead of taking away the two lame characters I didn't want I selected them for my group (so I had a group of my two worst characters instead of a group with my 4 powerful ones...). the game being saved after the selection I was stuck with my two lamest characters and the monsters were too stong for them. I had to load an old saved game because it was then impossible to beat Ultross at a certain point. Then there was this problem in CYAN's dream, this one took me nearly 3 years to solve, the Boss in his dream would only appear when my health was very low. Problem was that my characters were too strong and I always had to hit myself because his minions would do almost no damage to me. and once my health got low enough the boss would either appear and kill me due to my low health, come but quickly dissapear again because I would heal, or not appear at all. Finally there was that Glorious day when for some unknown reason the Boss never dissapeared from battle, I then quickly killed him.

Boy FFVI, now THAT was a GAME.

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