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I say screw all the opinions here, both sides. Honor shouldn't matter, nor should efficiency with "kill as much as you can, whenever you can, however you can and honor be damned!" What should matter is the server you connect to, and the rules they enforce. There are all sorts of servers for each type of player out there. And what should matter in a MP game is the rules that the server upholds. If a server doesn't specify that you shouldn't attack a man with sabers down or an afk sign above his head, then expect to get your ass reamed regardless of whether you're prepared or not. But if the server states that you gotta follow sabers down, etc., then you better ****ing follow that crap. There's a game out there for all of us, folks. Some servers are for the agressive, and some servers are for the refined. There would be alot less complaints if we all just stuck to the servers that supported the style of gameplay that we all like to enjoy.
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