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Originally posted by Redwing
ROTFLMAO!!!! That conversation would be a beauty to see...

But no, Sith crystals are synthetic...artificially produced.

@Raynaga: What are you talking about? That was EU...a clouded window into the Star Wars other words canon unless contradicted by a higher source, which in a pyramid is EU books > radio plays > novelizations > the movies. So Fett escaping is canon unless Lucas contradicts that in a new Star Wars movie...

I've never seen that loony green = master, blue = apprentice idea in the what are you talking about? Do you just have unresolved personal problems?
This plays need a rolleyes smily. If you actually READ what I type, you will see that I said

A) I was surprised no one had mentioned the tale involving the Master/Trainer color relationship

to which you replied seeing it was untrue, after whcih I posted that

B) it being untrue hasn't stopped people from repeatedly posting that idiocy regarding Fett's escape in RotJ.

You then read these responses and somehow draw that I am saying both events are true and that the EU is canon, when in fact I merely stated I was suprised to see that no one had mentioned the master/trainer theory with no statements of any kind regarding the validity of the aforementioned theory. Are you sure it is me that is having the problem here?

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