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you people and your garbage

Listen I was only trying to say that noobs are better off learning a medium or fast saber tech. But you want to tell me all this nonsense about how heavy is soooo good now. Well I disagree, I believe the slow swings leave you open to force powers and throws much more than before.

This is a tip for all you noobs out there who want to defeat these self proclaimed Heavy experts.

If they swing close to you back up and throw your saber. (be ready to strafe if they launch a DFA)

If they swing and you know they can't hit (to far away) you throw your saber get a hit then as there swing is about to end, pull them and score a quick hit (fast swing or kick if you can do it)

If at anytime they fall (because of the kick or the Pull) spin around and back swing them to death.

Repeat this until they die and then laugh at them as they complain and call you a cheater.
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