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I LOVE the Yavin swamps and the canyon, those are my fav eeeever

Actually, these are my 4 way tie lol

Jedi Academy, Bespin, Carin Installation, Yavin Swamps + Canyon.

And the worst level....

Nar Shaddaa - Too clean and...... quiet. Where IS everyone? JK Nar Shaddaa is WAY better. I had such high expectations of what it would be like in JO, and it turned out to be the exact opposite lol.

Irritating levels:

Kejim Post - cause some of the puzzels in it were hellla annoying

Artus Mines - The second time ya gotta run away from those overgrown bugs, ugh. Like 10 miles of dark narrow bug filled tunnels. AAAAAND those prisoners are dumbasses who kill NOTHING AT ALL, making it WAY harder to save em.
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