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HertogJan... Um, yeah. I think that about qualifies...

fgStratus... I know Exactly what a script is. If you actualy read the forum, you would see that I have actually worked on scripts profeshionally.

You'r being short sighted at far as implementing scripts goes. About the most anoying one I've encountered so far is the 720 back stab. It allows a kiddy to preform a backstab then spin twice (or more, it's hard to tell) so fast that at first I thought it was a bug... until the anoying foul-mouthed brat that was doing it started spamming it all over the place. I did some checking... yep. Script.

What I don't understand is why people would try to defend S kiddies?? Beyond the fact that they (can) unbalance game play, they tend to spam off at the mouth, break local sever rules, and generaly make playing the game less enjoyable for everyone else.
Anyone who would defend these dweebs a) Is a kiddy himself b) Thinks that it's his personal duty to jump on anyone who says anything c) has way too much time on his hands.

Ofcource my original stament stands... refer to the first line I wrote in this thread.
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