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Took a Break from the Boards for a Couple Weeks and....

It appears the 'whining' about patch 1.03 that some claimed would go away hasn't stopped. If anything, it seems that 1.03 defenders are drying up .

Myself, I am now pretty damn good at playing under 1.03, which means I conformed to what is necessary to be successful under the new mechanics. Frequently, I am accused of just 'using one move' or called a 'bitch' or something like that. I find it kind of funny because if you don't backstab then you will constantly have to defend against the move the whole map- I know I have tried. The crappy thing about this is it can take 30-60 seconds to kill someone who is spamming backstab with regular saber attacks or DFA/med. twirl/light crouch, while the damage output of backstab kills in one hit. The other funny thing is that there is literally no way to outfrag others in saber-only FFA or defend/recapture your flag in CTF without utilizing backstab. It is unmatched in damage in the game I think- even outdamaging all weapons.

I hate 1.03. It deskilled the game in many, many ways and slowed it down in many more. I hope in hindsight some 1.03 supporters have had some time to see how badly MP has been affected and have changed their tune.

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