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dudes, there are ways to do it.. there are about 4 message modes in the Q3 engine.. one being the ordinary "speak to everyone" mode, the other one which only speaks to ur teammates, and the other 2, to ur attacker, or the one you just killed. try experimenting with these commands.

messagemode1 - ordinary chat
messagemode2 - team chat
messagemode3 - either attacker or victim
messagemode4 - either attacker or victim

just bind them to a key and hit them to type something.. i'm not sure which is which in messagemode3 and 4, so you gotta try it out.. =P as for having a variable that automatically adds the name of the player, i think there is too.. it was existent in Quake 2 if i'm not wrong.. it's %something.. gonna try to figure that out.. =P

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