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ok let's clear things up here.. hehe..

there are TWO taunt commands.. one works in SP, and one works in MP. both ARE DIFFERENT.

in SP, if you bind a key to "taunt", not "+taunt", and hit the key, you'll float your saber above your hand and spin it like Desann and the othe Dark Jedi do. this doesn't work in MP.

in MP, bind a key to "+taunt". it does not spin your saber. your character merely says something and challenges the opponent with his finger movements.

as for that "saber spinning in the hand" thing.. you can only do it in a server which as saber and weapons enabled. that's cos when you have a weapon in your hand and you switch to your lightsaber, you spin the saber as you draw it, just like in SP. to do the "saber spin in hand" thing, just keep switching between your lightsaber and another weapon so that you keep spinning the saber. that's it! =)

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