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KnightHawk's Saber Only FFA
Server Version: 1.03a

We also support the following skins:

5d6, absath, admiral, anakin, aurra, black wolf, black_wolf, buuzza, clonetrooper, darthmaul, dooku, dragonland_sith, ep1_obi-wan, eskape, jonathanodell_darthmaul, mace windu, mandalorian, maul deluxe, mooncurser, nakedtav, obiwan, pad, solo, thecrow, vader +more

No attacking someone with they're saber down
Lightning is disabled
No spammers
No Excessive use of the backstab or backswing...
Any and all Ass-fighters are kicked on sight.

All standarad maps, plus episode 1 ffa(duel of the fates) and padstation..

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