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((OOS, don't worry, I've seen every episode of Evangelion. But contrary to most people I find that anime not to be amazing))

The EVA thought he had finished with Cyborg Zassek but without this evil knowing it, the remains of Zassek had risen and also started to reform.
Unlike the EVA, Zassek did not need any exterior help by using metal as skeletal structure. His mechanical body parts were reformed from some sort of liquid metal that sprouted out of every dislocated parts and merged. As for the biological fragments that were in him, ludicrous Mitosis, cell division process, quickly restructered what was ripped apart. Cyborg Zassek was nor Biological nor Mechanical nor The Force, he was the fusion of those three elements. Circuits, Cells and Psionic Melding were one. There was no such thing as a central computer in him...

((OOS: Watch the episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion were that Bio/Mecha virus Angel invades Magi...))

Zassek was already reformed way before EVA could form his arm. He is surprised by his own power and as EVA turns and spots him it rushed and strikes Zassek that seemed to be cut in two. Then from behind the EVA something reaches for the jammed Entry Plug and starts pulling it away. EVA tries to figure out who is doing thisby turning his head and sees Zassek, again:

"Fool! The Zassek you thought you had cut in two was only a reflection of myself, my shadow. My evade speed being almost infinitly faster than the one of light my image still remained while I was already behind you..."

Zassek keeps on pulling the Entry Plug that is retained by the force while EVA desperatly tries to take him off his back. The Entry Plug slowly starts to budge but the resistance is so immense that Zassek's arms begin to rip apart.

((OOS: Watch Ghost in a Shell when Motoko Kusanagi, the Cyborg girl, tries to open the tank's vault.))

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