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The Expantion pack for JediKnight 1 (mysteries of the sith) added, class characters to on-line play. I'm wondering what folks think of adding it to JK2.

For those who don't remeber or never played JK:MoTS, here's a quick run down...
Each Class had advantages and disadvantages, including (on some) force defence (dampened the effects of force powers used against the player). Servers were split into "ranked Jedi" (much the same as the way servers work in JK2) and "class Characters" (where you could use your various characters. Jedi class characters all had a rank of Jedi Knight).

Here's a list of the classes and abilities that I can remeber;

Jedi: Average speed and health, spawn with lightsaber and light pistol only, can assign force powers

Trooper: slower movment, improved health (150 if I remeber right), spawn with stormtrooper rifle thermal detonators and imperial repeater, improved ammo capacity, high force defence.

Scout: faster movment, lower health (75, I think), spawn with stormtrooper rilfe sniper scope, level 2 force jump and speed, some force defence.

Bounty Hunter: Average speed, improved health (125), spawn with carbonite gun (freeze opponents) light pistol and flash bombs, level 1 force jump, medium force defence.
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